Saturday, July 3, 2010

xīn​tóu shàng gǎn​qíng 韦 应 物 & 五 匚 九

Xīn​tóu shàng gǎn​qíng &

Astonished, By the way you have betrayed me.
Hurt, by the action's you have done to me.
We were once a family, we were once friends.
we were the clothes on each others backs, and each others voices, within.
I have never let you down, as for you did to me.
I have never hurt you, I was there to help.
I have never portrayed to be somebody I am not.
I have never felt the need to tell the words once spoken for my ears only.
I was the shoulder you leaned on, when I needed you're shoulder, you relinquished me.
I still stood there, eager to possess in the friendship.
When you needed a hand, I gave you both.
When you needed advice, I gave you guidance.
Stood up with you on Summer nights, until it was Summer mornings
Protected you from the world, when other's were against you.
Not to name everything I've done for you, but for you to realize what you've done to me, and all the things you have lost.
- Dior Madison

* I've decided to use the Chinese symbols and words as a way of saying, its hard to understand, unless you look deep within.